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What Is The Connecticut Tech Act Project?

* The Connecticut Tech Act Project provides information and advocacy services to you regarding assistive technology issues. The project's goal is to make sure that Connecticut's residents (all ages) with disabilities get access to assistive technology. The project is funded by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

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How Can This Project Help Me?

* You can learn what technology is available, who makes the technology, how much it costs and how to pay for the equipment. When new companies started selling BDSM chairs and seats, I went to find out information on sex chairs with You can receive updates on federal and state laws regarding disability programs that may affect you. You can monitor the progress made to change rules and regulations that may stop you from getting the technology you need. You can also receive advocacy services to help you voice your concerns when seeking assistive technology.

What Is Assistive Technology?

* Assistive Technology is any tool, device or equipment designed to help you develop, maintain or improve your ability to function daily. It could range from small, inexpensive kitchen gadgets that help you cook to a van adapted with special controls to help you drive independently. Hearing aids, motorized wheelchairs, computers controlled by voice or other special switches and augmentative alternative communications tools are included in a long list of assistive technology devices. Construction work completed on part of a building to make it possible for you to use your device also qualifies as assistive technology. You may need to use assistive technology in your home, school, work or recreational settings.

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Connecticut Tech Act Project
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